Sunday, August 07, 2005

A rant about Porn Star Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) and the fact she cannot keep her agreements, verbal or written. As a professional porn star she has proven her self to be unprofessional in regards to agreements and contracts.

~ In May of 2004 in Richmond, Virginia I was asked by a VCU student, Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon), to take some nude / porn photos of her so she could sell them to the Suicide Girls web site. Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) and Rachel R. took part in the photo shoot at her home in Richmond. The photo shoot in May of 2004 covered the basement area of a Grove Avenue home. Erin Crabill was not new to the world of nude / porn photography, however I was.

> My first mistake, making an agreement with Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon).
> The second mistake I made was this agreement was a verbal agreement. (However after reviewing the terms that both web sites Suicide Girls and Veg Porn use, I see Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) will even violate a written agreement with out second thought).
> The third mistake was having Rachel R. the only major witness, however others like M.J.C. are aware of most of the details of the agreement with Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon).

>> The verbal agreement was:
1) I take nude / porn photos of Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) at her home on Grove Avenue so she could sell the photos to the Suicide Girls web site.
2) That Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) would keep all money she got from the sale of the photos.
3) That Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) was to credit me as the photographer of the photos.
4) That I could use some of the photos for use in my web site, portfolio, and art work. (I was only to post “G” rated photos to the web site.)
5) That I would remove any of the photos from my web site upon the request of Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon).

~ Photos of Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) were posted on a page of my site, Line Nowhere, with Permission and approval from Erin Crabill in May of 2004 ~ Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) broke the verbal agreement in regards to the sale and use of the Photos taken in May of 2004 when she sold them to Suicide Girls and did not credit me for the work as the photographer as per our agreement. Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) not only broke the verbal agreement with me in regards to the photos in question, she also broke her written contract with the Suicide Girls web site when she later re-sold the photos to the Veg Porn web site. The sale of the photos to Veg Porn was in violation with their written agreement before she even sold them since they were already sold to Suicide Girls. Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) again broke the agreement about crediting me with my work as a photographer in regards to the photos with the sale to Veg Porn as well. Fast forward to 03 August 2005 and Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) once again breaks the verbal agreement with me in regards to the photos when she found a way to have a large section of my Line Nowhere web site removed by Geocities. I had permission to post the photos, all Erin Crabill (AKA: Isobel / Ewon) had to do was ask and I would have removed the photos. However Erin Crabill would rather lie to others and destroy years of my work.

~ The Porn / Nude photos I took of Erin Crabill were just mild porn / nude photos of her stripping down for Suicide Girls. The photos are posted on the web site and she is listed as their model Ewon. There were just three sets of photos on this site of Erin Crabill (Isobel / Ewon). Another photographer took one set near her parent’s home. The other two sets were taken at the house on Grove Avenue she shared with the boyfriend Erin cheated on with others and me that has lead to this dispute. The set I was the photographer for was of Erin Crabill (Isobel / Ewon) in a black dress on the stairs. Veg Porn has the set labeled "Fruty-o's".
~ Erin Crabill (Isobel / Ewon) is a porn star with other works on the web. I found other photos and video of Erin Crabill with a simple search on some P2P services. I found some major porn with her and I found the light porn. I did find the photos I took there and photos from other photographers as well.
~ My computers were "hacked" on three different occasions after I had problems with Erin Crabill. Erin Crabill's boyfriend she cheated on was just fired from his job over a hacking incident, however I have no proof who hacked my computers. What I do know is that all the image files with photos and images of Erin were removed from my computers. Erin's laptop did have the password to my wireless network on it just a week before I was hacked the first time. I was hacked again on 02 August 2005, a day before the section of my web site was removed. The only files taken were the back-up code for the web site and some images I made in Photoshop from photos of Erin Crabill.
~ It is odd that Erin Crabill files were the only files removed by the person or person's hacking into my computers. It is also odd that Erin Crabill put the blame on me about a letter sent to her boyfriend telling him she had cheated. This all happened as Erin was moving out of his apartment into another apartment. All of the blame Erin put on me came from things she got from other people, when I attempted to talk to her about it she told me stuff that just didn't add up. When I pressed for details like who told her, what sort of envelope the letter was in, what did this letter say, well she would "cry" and I never got anything else from her.
What I have found is that she changed her story. She told me one thing and others something else. Erin Crabill spent two years telling lie after lie to her boyfriend. I think the trouble I had from Erin was due I could see she was telling me a lie. For I only had trouble with her after I called her on the first lie. Erin Crabill likes to date geeks, nerds, and gamers. I guess she likes to date guys she can lie to and get away with it. I am a felon, 19 years ago I got into a lot of trouble. I spent time with other felons in jail so I can spot a lie, add the fact I have kids.... I could see Erin was telling me a lie, and she would always screw up and I would find out, as this is a small town. This is why she would not cheat on her last boyfriend here in town. Rather I get from what she told me the letter said was true, and she told me it said she cheated with photographers out of town. She told me the letter was all true and told of all the men she cheated on her boyfriend Mike with.

Before Erin I had a rule, never date a girl that cheats, for she is cheating with you, she will cheat on you. I broke my rule as the things Erin told me about this Mike made me think she needed to get out. Now that I went through this I see every thing Erin Crabill ever told me was all just a lie. Erin Crabill is not able to tell the truth. I guess all of the things she told me about Mike were also untrue. I did not send the letter to Mike, I was thinking of telling Mike about it however. So now, after this, I am glad I got the blame for the letter. I do not feel sorry for Erin, she cut her hair off, cut at her arms and legs to get people to pay attention to her. I am sorry I ever gave Erin Crabill any attention. That girl is only after attention and will lie about anything and everything to get it. Erin Crabill is cold and uncaring. All Erin Crabill wants is people to pay attention see her as a sex object, and money. If Erin Crabill is paying any mind to you it is only because she is looking to get something from you. As Erin Crabill’s best friend Rachel told me, Erin likes to toy with guys, she will mess with them, drive them crazy, and screw them over in the end.